march 31st- may 18th, 2018: CO/LAB III, Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles, USA

april 19th to 29th, 2018: Stolen Images @ A Fairytale from Saints and Sinners (curated by Ann Schomburg), Meinblau

Projektraum, Berlin

may 7th to june 2nd, 2018: "Les autres languages", Musée Boribana,  Le OFF, Dak'Art, Dakar, Senegal

may 26th to june 2nd, 2018: Acht Stufen/ 지속 @ Staffelschau, NKI Projektraum Berlin

june 11th to july 22nd, 2018: IAa International Inter-media Art Project <부재의 기술(Description of Absence)>,

Art Space  IAa, Jeju, KOR

june 22nd to 24th, 2018: Ouroboros, oMo artspace Berlin, with Ulu Braun/ Jenny Michel/ Bongjun Oh & Sarah Oh-Mock

june 25th to july 1st, 2018: Der rote Würfel, oMo artspace Berlin (solo)

August 15th, 2018: The 7th sense, Kosmetiksalon Bar Babette, Berlin

august 24th to september 9th, 2018: Let pressure be pleasure, Tapetenwerk Leipzig

may 23th to 25th, 2019: no lemons no melon - no melons no lemon, oMo artspace Berlin

september 30th to october 16th, 2020: Artchemy Laboratory- The G-Files. Seetangraum, Jeju-Si, Jeju, KOR

        (with Sarah Oh-Mock)

Bongjun Oh, born 1983 in Seogwipo, Jeju island, South Korea, studied painting at the Kyonggi Fine Arts University in Suwon, before he finished his studies of painting and sculpture 2017 at HBK Saar, Germany, as Meisterschüler. His diploma was awarded with the art award of Dr. Dieter & Ulrike Scheid foundation in 2015. In 2017 he recieved a travel grant from Berliner Senat (Los Angeles) together with Sarah Oh-Mock as oMo.

In his expansive installations it's possible to find both his interests in painting and sculpture: he arranges paintings and collagues to huge constellations, linked with the belonging room installations. Bongjun Oh likes to work with old material and concentrates on working with the topic caducity.

2012 he was founding member of the studio Creyoung, Saarbrücken/ GER, 2013 of the german- korean artist group Dok-Han and 2016 of the oMo artspace in Berlin together with his partner Sarah Oh-Mock.With her, he also realized 2017 the cooking performance Es schwefelt uns silbert, the photo serial Acht Stufen / 지속 in the Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel and 2018 the installation Le Fin, exhibited in the Tapetenwerk Leipzig and Musée Boribana, Dakar, Senegal.

In Berlin, his works were exhibited in the Kunsthalle at the Hamburger Platz, the Kreuzberg-Pavillon, betakontext, Artist Homes and the represenation of the state of Saarland in Berlin, also in many other cities in Germany, France and South Korea.

contact: jasonobj@gmail.com

Copyright @ Bongjun Oh